Juggling Acts

Grow A Tash

The Gentleman Juggler Fool

After arriving on stage, removing his gloves and setting down his cane, with a few flourishes on the way, The Count starts his cigar box routines with the classic Cigar Box Stack albeit with the Fettucini twist.  After wetting his whistle, Adriano performs Cigar Boxes for The Head Ballet, a choreographed comedic cigar box routine containing complicated and visually stimulating tricks.


This act involves the recitation of a poem about the Toothbrush Moustache, whilst manipulation the Cigar Boxes. The climax of this routine is the gradual revealing of the message “GROW A TASH”!

Chinese Plates

By putting a modern twist on the art of plate spinning whilst proves that a gentleman can indeed multitask.  With the aid of his “Glamourous Assistant” (an audience member),  The Count spins 4  plates about his person whilst juggling 3 knives.

Meet The Family

Fettucini introduces us to juggling representations of his 3 children. Whilst juggling his offspring, he then performs a selection of tricks, appropriate to his their individul attributes a whilst telling us all about them. 

The acts on this page can be combined or  augmented with additional cigar box and/or hat trick segments to fit your requirements.

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