Burlesque Fool Count Adriano Fettucini utilises CIRCUS SKILLS and COMEDY to add a truly unique twist to the art of TEASE and BURLESQUE CABARET. He performs regularly on both the London and Brighton Burlesque Cabaret circuits and throughout the UK and Europe.

‘Impressive Antics that will have you hold your breath’  


Fettucini first stumbled into the world of burlesque in 2008 after reinventing his  UNICYCLE STRIPTEASE (first performed in 1993).  Since then he has perfected several variants suitable for all occasions, exept children’s parties!  Should you find yourself requiring  A City Businessman, A Victorian Gent, A Chimney Sweep, A Bagpipe Playing Scotsman or a Cross Dressing Beauty? to strip (or dress in the later case) on a unicycle, The Count is your man!!

By endlessly dragging a wheel on and off of trains he has become well respected performer on the UK Burlesque circuit, regularly performing in London, Brighton and beyond.

After discovering a natural affinity for CIGAR BOXES and CLOWNING, Adriano has become adept at finding ever more inventive ways to put a unique slant on the manipulation of said props.  His Juggling Fool acts marry his cigar boxes with poetry, beer bottles, hats, gloves, cane, glasses, a blindfold and a primed animal trap!!

‘the set was ultimately redeemed by a well-sold final stunt, which did something apparently impossible with cigar boxes in the face of mortal perilRichard Stamp, Fringe Guru

Fettucini spent many years perfecting the art of being a failed musician!! If you feel you need educating in the lifecycle of water bourne parasites and the like, just ask him to bring his UKULELE along, just don’t be afraid to join in, you’ll have NO CHOICE!

‘Oh shit!!!’  Mario Morris, Magician and Busker

The aren’t I great bit (I’d ignore it if I were you!)……. In 2012 Adriano toured Europe with AN EVENING OF BURLESQUE and has been a guested with them in the UK regularly since 2011.  Adriano can be seen whizzing around on his unicycle in El Pixel Rosso’s film The Great Spavaldos which was premiered at Circus Fest at Camden’s Roundhouse during April 2012.  He has guested with FRED’S FLYING CIRCUS  and performed for the last 2 years at THE BRITISH JUGGLING CONVENTION.  He was the only male striptease artist to perform during the closing show of both London Burlesque Week and The Paris Burlesque Festival in 2011.  The Count has appeared live on ITV’s This Morning, in Time Out and was featured in The Times in an article about Boylesque. He was also in a celebrity edition of Four Weddings on Living TV and was featured in the BBC Radio 4 programme Passing The Hat. One of his songs (The Hagfish)  is a bonus feature on The School of Busking DVD.  Adriano was a finalist in the 2009 Male Tournament of Tease and appears in the first issue of The Burlesque Bible. The Count also performs double acts with Cherry Bella and Count Ricardo Bolloloco (Fettucini and Bolloloco).

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