Male Circus Burlesque

The Hat Dance

Someone has stolen fettucini’s costume but being a true proffessional, he decides to make do and perfom anyway!!  Adriano’s Gentlemanly take on a a classic Fan Dance/Balloon Dance with hats substituted for the fan’s/balloons.  Be prepared for the final reveal!!

The Unicycle Striptease

There are 4 variants on The Unicycle Striptease.

The City Gent

The Count’s signature routine, it is suitable for all occasions.

Costume – 3 piece suit, bowler hat and briefcase.

The City Gent has made a commitment to protecting the environment. In clement weather he cycles to work. However, he feels that 2 wheels are not only an indulgence but also a waste of rubber.

It is a balmy summer evening and, on his way home from the office, The City Gent stops in a park to check on his investments in The Financial Times. He feels rather hot and constrained in his 3 piece and what with the floral fragrances and the enticing water feature, gets a little carried away……..

The Chimney Sweep

Great for Victorian/Edwardian themed nights, Steampunk events and Speakeasies.

Costume – Dark clothes, soot, top hat and chimney brush.

Imagine Dick van Dyke’s character Bert from Mary Poppins after one too many “spoons full of sugar”!! After prancing around merrily to Chim Chim Cheree and hobnobbing with the audience, the “sugar” kicks in it all gets a bit strange!!

This version requires a larger stage area and easy access to the audience.

The Flying Scotsman


Find out what a Scotsman wears under his kilt! Perfect for St.Andrew’s Night, Burns Night or Hogmanay.

Costume – Kilt, Glengarry and Bagpipes.

The Flying Scotsman gets bored whilst waiting to pipe in the Haggis and, predictably, has a wee dram. After getting his pipes ready, decides to add some spice to his performance. He then spots a unicycle onstage and just can’t resist attempting to ride it!! This routine finishes with Scotland the Brave played on the Bagpipes.

This version performed on the standard unicycle.

Photos by and unknown



We find “The Count” getting to go out to a dinner party. Fresh from the shower he is enjoying a smoke from his favourite pipe, whilst perusing the markets. For the first time, he notices the erotic shape of the pipe, gets a little carried away and transforms int Melodie…..


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