The Count has been performing music live for the past 28 years. At present his prefers instrument of attack is the ukulele.

The Count specialises in amusing ditties, usually about strange beasts such as that “slimy, knotty scoundrel” the Hagfish and microscopic Tardigrade. Find out what happens when the Candiru gets confused whilst selecting a host! Learn the story of Mike the headless chicken or the truth about the history of the water closet in Giblin. Hear all about Adriano’s achievements and aspirations in I Did and what Fettucini prefers to do when others smoke in “The Lungs, The Hands, A Fag and The Glans”.

If an extended set is your desire Adriano can invoke The Wheel of Misfortune, a cunning device which does away with the need for a set list! Song names are attached to the wheel of a unicycle, which is spun by members of the audience to select a dittie. To spice things up a bit, cigar box, spinning plate and even a strip can be added to the wheel.

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