Welcome to the World of Count Adriano Fettucini

Hi there, I am a Male Circus Burlesque, Gentleman Juggler and Comedy Musician. I have been working the burlesque and cabaret circuit for the past 6 years, at events/venues including The Wet Spot, Leeds; No Strings Burlesque, Norwich; Risque and Frisky, Northampton; Cafe de Paris, London; Missy Malone and Friends Burlesque Revue, Cheltenham; White Mischeif, London; La De Da, Derby; Tres Tres Cabaret, Stafford; Royal Burlesque Revue, Milan and Rome. I guest regularly with the theatre show An Evening of Burlesque with whom I have toured, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Finland.

“Count Adriano Fettucini is one of the finest names in the new wave of Great British variety. With a nod to the past and an eye to the future. Adriano combines rock solid skills with dry humour, highly original routines and sharp sartorial style.  A true gentleman and a great entertainer.” –  Desmond O’Connor, World Renown Cabaret Host.

I am primarily known for my City Gent Unicycle Striptease but am also an accomplished juggler with some very unusual acts using props such as Spectacles, Cigar Boxes, Hat, Cane, Gloves, Babies (not real ones), Knives, Spinning Plates, a Box of Matches and a Pipe. But be warned, some of these acts include the use of Body Piercings and even Poetry (gasp)!

“Adriano Fettucini has been astounding audiences for years from the world famous stage of Cafe de Paris, London. Well dressed and dashed with humour he is the relish to any troupe.” – Tom Gravett, Production Manager / Cafe de Paris, London.

Here is a link to my burlesque showreel featuring The City Gent Unicycle Striptease, The Hat Dance and Chinese Plates…..


and here is my juggling Showreel which showcases elements of the Juggling Fool and Toothbrush….


For an up to date view of the world according to Fettucini visit my Facebookpage……https://www.facebook.com/adrianofettucini

For more information on for booking enquiries contact me via adriano@countadriano.com or call me on 07968 249870

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